As the 20th century was turning its end, three professional minds came together to turn PT Pelangi Niaga Mitra Internasional (PNMI) into one of Indonesia’s leading Offshore Service Vessel (OSV) companies.
In 1997 Amris Hassan, Budhy Indira Shinta and Nur Prasetyo envisioned a corporation that would render its services to many renowned domestic and international oil and gas companies. Through the years since then, PNMI has secured many contracts both in the local and international markets resulting in the establishment of branch offices in Balikpapan and Singapore.

PNMI is now one of the platforms for advancing the oil and gas industries in these markets, as they had coped with the crisis and addressed boarder challenges.

In weathering the various crisis’ since its establishment this corporation is now backed by a fleet of Crane Barges, Accommodation Work Barges, and Anchor Handling Tug vessels, all under the working objective of serving their secured contracts and clients.

With an intense focus on serving its clients, the journey of growth for this corporation will be one of sustainable development and success evident in the continuous expansion of marine fleets and secured offshore construction contracts.
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